Aukso žvynas

Terms and conditions of the carp fishing competitions

organised by Taurage Carp Club ‘’Aukso Žvynas’’


1.  Organizer: Taurage Carp fishing club ‘’Aukso Žvynas’’.


2.  Goals:

     2.1   To popularize wild carp fishing as a sport;

     2.2    To identify the winners of the competitions;

     2.3    To share wild carp fishing experience.


3.  Competinion location and time:

     3.1   Location – Private pond owned by Gintautas Valutis.

     3.2   All times of the competitions are announced early in the club website ‘’’’ rubric ‘’Club events’’.


4.  Participants:

     4.1   Only teams that are invited can participate in the competition.

     4.2   There are two fishers in each team. The team can have team runner.


5.  Equipment, bait and hook bait:

     5.1   Each angler can fish with two rods with one hook on each of them. Every team can fish with no more than four rods at the same time.

     5.2   It is forbidden to use alive (or that used to be alive) bait. The amount of bait is unlimited.

     5.3  It is forbidden to use alive (or that used to be alive) hook bait.

     5.4  Every fisher must use landing net when lifting the fish from water.

     5.5  Every team must have at least one unhooking mat.

     5.6  Every team must have at least a few specialised bags for captured fish to keep in while the judges will weigh it.

     5.7  One specialised bag can contain only one carp.

     5.8  It is forbidden to use ‘’Zig Rig’’ systems.


6. Competition:

     6.1 Sector draw is held in two stages. First stage will show the versification in the second stage, and the second stage will show the sectors.

     6.2  When arrived to the sector, You can start preparing it for fishing, measure the depth of water, mark the locations for fishing, feed the carps.

     6.3  Rods with hooks can only be casted after the signal that the competition has begun.

     6.4  Max distance of marking, feeding and fishing, if there are no special restrictions, is less than 80 metres from the coast.

     6.5  While casting the rods, You can only from bank in own sector.

     6.6  While pulling the fish out You can wade till Your feet touch the bottom. It is forbidden to swim.

     6.7  The competition lasts exactly for 4 days (96 hours).

     6.8  The team that caught a fish must keep it in a specialised bag let in water till the competition judges will officially weigh and register it.

     6.9  A fish hooked before the final competition signal, but pulled out after it, will be accepted, if while pulling it out, the judges will be noticed about the late capture, or at least the neighbors sectors so that there would be someone to testify.


7. It is forbidden to:

     7.1  It is forbidden to  use any kind of swimming equipment, ships or flying devices operated by radio waves or anything similar during the competition. It is as well forbidden to use any kind of echo-sounders.

     7.2  Any fishing activities out of Your sector territory is forbidden except while pulling the fish out.

     7.3  It is forbidden to use braided line as Your main.

     7.4  It is forbidden to put the fish on the ground or grass. You must use an unhooking mat.

     7.5  It is forbidden to carry or hold  the fish in hands while fully standed or carry it in hands in order to release it. You must use an unhooking mat.

     7.6  It is forbidden to leave Your sector without supervision.


8. Registered catches:

Only alive and over 3 kg fishes (carps, grass carps, and other families carps) will be registered.


9. Winners and prizewinners evaluation:

     9.1  The winner team will be the one that has the biggest summed up weigh of registered carps.

     9.2  The prizewinning and other teams leader board will be formed by their summed up carp weigh, in descending order.

     9.3  If there will be a few teams with the same summed up weigh, precedence will be given to the one with the bigger average weigh of the caught carp.


10. Awards:

     10.1  The competitions ‘’Nations Carp Cup’’ awards:

          10.1a 1st place winner nation: Champion cups and certificates.

          10.1b 2nd place winner nation: Vice-champion cups and certificates.

          10.1c  3rd place winner nation:  3rd place cups and certificates.

          10.1d  The rest participants:  Participant cups and certificates.

          10.1e  The team that showed the best results: 2 best team cups and certificates.

          10.1f  The team that caught the biggest registered fish: 2 cups for the biggest fish and certificates.

          10.1g  If there are sponsors, the prizes may be more.


     10.2 The competition ‘’Aukso Zvynas Cup’’ awards:

          10.2a 1st place winner team: 2 1st place cups and certificates.

          10.2b 2nd place winner team: 2 2nd place cups and certificates.

          10.2c 3rd place winner team: 2 3rd place cups and certificates.

          10.2d The team that caught the biggest fish: 2 cups for the biggest fish and certificates.

          10.2e Other teams get participants remembrance gifts.

          10.2f If there are sponsors, the prizes may be more.


11. Competition participants duties:

     11.1  Follow all general humanity and anglers ethic rules.

     11.2  Strictly follow the competitions provisions.

     11.3  Competition participants must ensure safety for the fish till it is weighed  and a safe release.

     11.4  Competition participants  that wish to temporarily (or for good) leave the territory must notice the judges.

     11.5 Competition participants that noticed that these provisions are not been held to must notice the judges.

     11.6  After the competition is finished all teams must clean their sectors and leave them without any rubbish.


12. Judgement and penalties:

     12.1  The official fish weighing is only done by the judges 3 or 4 times a day.

     12.2  The judges use only one and the same scales (and weighing bag) for all official weighing.

     12.3  In the event of any controversial situations or complaints, the judges make all the decisions.

     12.4  If these provisions are not being held to, the judges will decide the penalties for the involved teams.

     12.5  A special punishment for the team that violated these terms and conditions 6.4 point (no more than 80 metres of fishing distance).In case of suspicion, that any team is fishing further than it is allowed, in judge’s order the team must place a marker to indicate the line, where above it any team’s activities are strictly forbidden. Violating this point over and over again will lead to a punishment listed below.

     12.6  Penalty for a soft first violation – cancellation of the first registered fish.

     12.7  Penalty for a soft second violation – cancellation of the registered biggest fish.

     12.8  Penalty for a soft third violation – it will be held as a rough violation of terms and conditions and the team will be disqualified.


We hope that the last point will not be used.

So no scale, no tail!


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